Rename provides a quick and easy way to rename bulk items inside of Luxology Modo. It supports searching and replacing specific strings, adding prefixes and suffixes, adding custom numeric suffixes and removing characters from the beginning and end of words. There's also a few specific tools for tasks like removing white space, removing brackets, converting to lower case and converting to uppercase.

Installing the rename script for Luxology Modo is simple.
From modo, navigate to "System > Open User Configs Folder". Copy both kits (mc_lxRename and mc_lxToolbox) from the script download folder into your user configs folder. Then relaunch modo.
The rename interface should now be available from the Setup and Animate tabs command palette, from a new tab called "Toolbox.


Search and Replace

Search and Replace allows you to search for a specific string in your selected item names and replace any instances of that string with the replace string. For example, searching for "Mesh" and replacing with "Item" on an item named "Mesh_01" will rename it to "Item_01".

The option "Case Sensitive" forces the rename script to only search for strings that match the same case as the search string.

Add Numeric Suffix

This feature allows you add a numeric count to the end of an item name. So if you have 3 items selected, all named "item", they will be named "item_001", "item_002", "item_003" using the default settings.

You can customize the numbering format using the settings:

  • Start: This defines where to begin counting, so if it's set to 10, the items will be named "item_010", "item_011", "item_012"...etc. This feature is useful if you have an exisiting numeric list that you wish to add items to.
  • # Length: This defines how many characters the resulting numeric count should be. If set to 3, the number will be padded out with preceding zeros to be 3 characters long, for example "item_001". If set to 5, the item name would be "item_00001".
  • Symbol: This will define the symbol seperating the name from the numeric count. A dash "-" will result in a name such as "item-001" and a blank space "" will result in the name "item001". The default symbol is an underscore "_".

Finally, the "Replace Current" option allows you to remove any default numbering assigned to the selected items. So the name "Item (1)" will result in the name "Item_001" with the "Replace Current" option turned on. If "Replace Current" is turned off, the resulting name would be "Item (1)_001".

Add Prefix/Suffix

This feature enables you to add a string before or after the current items names. So the name "Item" would be named "MyItem" if string is set to "My" and "Add Prefix" is selected. It would be named "ItemMy" if "Add Suffix" is selected. To switch between "Add Prefix" and "Add Suffix", simply right click on the toggle button for "Add Prefix" or "Add Suffix" to access the other option.

Remove Characters

Remove characters allows you to remove a specific number of characters from the beginning or the end of an item name. Change the setting "Remove" to the number of characters you wish to remove. Then either select "From Start" or "From End". This will remove that many characters from either the start or the end of the selected items names. To switch between "From Start" and "From End", simply right click on the toggle button for "From Start" or "From End" to access the other option.

Remove Whitespace

Remove whitespace removes any spaces or white space from an items name. So the name "I t e m" will be changed to "Item".

Remove Brackets

The remove brackets command removes any brackets and the contents from the items name. So the name "item (left)" will be changed to "item ". This is useful when working with files that were setup with the default modo item index style.

Convert to Lowercase/Uppercase

The Convert to Lowercase and Convert to Uppercase buttons convert the entire name to either lowercase or uppercase. For example the name "myItem_001" will be changed to "myitem_001" if lowercase is selected or "MYITEM_001" if uppercase is selected.