Export MDD - Free Plugin for Modo 701

With modo 601, I released a free script that allowed you export an MDD file from modo. With the release of modo 701, I've decided it's time to tackle some of the bugs and feature requests that people have asked me for and release a new and improved version. This time, implemented as a native plugin, instead of a script.

So I present... Export MDD for Modo 701.

There are a few improvements in this version, but the most noticeable will be speed. For example, I did a quick test, exporting 24578 vertices over 120 frames. In 601, the script took 2min 20seconds. In 701, the plugin takes 25 seconds. So, quite speedy in comparison.

This is implemented as a command plugin, so it can either be run through the interface, from the command line (for batch processing) or used to extend the functionality of a script.

You can download the plugin kit and read the full documentation here.

Currently, this is only supported on Windows and OSX, but I expect to have a Linux version up to coincide with the Modo 701 Linux release.

As always, if you run into any problems or have any comments, feel free to drop me a line.